How Mirror Walls Can Benefit Your Business


When you look into a mirror, what do you see? Besides your own reflection, the illusion of added depth in the particular space you’re in also exists. Smaller spaces have long used mirrors to make a space look larger than it is, and depending on placement it can work fairly well.

How Mirror Walls Can Benefit Your Business - Cornwall Glass - Glass Services

The Look of Added Space

When it comes to making a space appear larger than it is, there are certain considerations which must be made.


Proper placement and positioning is key. “You can get a lot out of your mirror if it’s placed properly. Hanging a larger mirror on a big wall will reflect the room and make your space seem bigger than it is.” (Liz Stanley,

Be Unique

Your space is special, and so should the way in which you use mirrors within the space. Have a clear understanding of the size of your space and create the best strategy that takes advantage of the intricacies of it and make it stand out.

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Mirror Walls for Buisness