Keeping Your Windows Winter Ready



If the snowfall from the past few days has taught us anything, it’s that preparedness is very important. When you’re ready for any situation, you have more peace of mind. That goes beyond just having your winter tires on in time, and being salt and shovel ready.

During these frigid months it’s easy to lose a lot of heat through windows that aren’t properly insulated. Ideally, having all of your home/business’ windows upgraded every few years would ensure that they are effectively allowing light in, while keeping the cold out, but it can be a much larger (yet worthwhile) investment than most people can regularly make. Here are some great tips to help keep your windows well insulated:

1. Rubber Weather Sealing: You can buy strips of self-stick rubber weather sealing at a hardware store or online. Cut long strips down to fit your window dimensions, then peel and stick to the frame to close any gaps and keep out drafts.

2. Cellular Shades: Cellular Shades insulate while still letting in light through the windows. They can be ordered and custom cut from home and design centers.

3.  Layered Curtains or Insulated Curtains: Use heavy fabrics or layered curtains over the windows to keep out drafts. Or, purchase insulated curtains with built-in thermal backing.

If you feel that it’s time to replace your windows however, make sure you consult with Cornwall Glass, your Cornwall glass experts.

Thermal Window Replacement