Keeping Glass Showers Clean


Glass doors look stunning wherever they are, and can make your bathroom look like a luxury hotel, however if they aren’t kept properly cleaned, it can alter the overall look and desired affect.


So the million dollar question is: how can glass bathroom doors easily be kept clean? The following are some great tips to consider:

Squeegee every day: This is the most basic technique that we have all done before, and it can also be the hardest. Time wise, squeegeeing your glass shower door only takes a minute, but in terms of effort it can be tiring. However getting a squeegee habit into your daily routine will help keep soap scum and moist milky foam from building up n the shower!

Magic eraser: If your shower is in need of a deep clean, and you have not been squeegeeing on a daily basis the magic eraser is a great way to start! get rid of that build up. You can use it to clean up the shower heads and faucets as well for a quick shine.

Dryer sheet: Yes, dryer sheets! The same ingredients that soften your fabric, will soften the soap scum on your glass shower doors! Grab a dryer sheet from your laundry room, and get it a bit damp. Use that sheet to scrub away at the build up and you should see it works like magic!

Keeping the glass clean is important and should be a part of regular maintenance in order to maintain its integrity. At Cornwall Glass your Cornwall glass professional, we can help you with your glass projects. Contact us to learn more!

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