Interior Glass Options


Planning a renovation for your home? If so, adding glass additions is the perfect way to spruce up the place and give it that refreshing glow it needs! It’s important to know your options for the different types of glass you can use for your home. Each glass types have different properties and suggested uses for certain parts of a home or structures. Here is a list of different glass types you should use for your interior:

Patterned/Textured Glass: As the name suggests, patterned glass has a decorative design embossed on its surface. It could be a colourful geometric pattern, or just a plain texture. It is most useful in spaces which require privacy but also need sufficient light transmission. The texture on the glass surface prevents a clear view of the object when seen through the glass. It has its applications in conference rooms, foyers, restaurants, shower cubes, and windows.

Tinted Glass: While the typical colours used are bronze, grey, dark grey, green, blue, blue-green, many other colours like red, pink, purple can also be manufactured.

Clear glass:  Clear glass is the most common type of glass seen in interior spaces. I Clear glass allows almost 80-90% of the visible light to pass through. It can be used in multiple locations in the house and for other decorative purposes. You can craft anything from a door knob to a facade to a chandelier using this type of glass. Its transmittance quality makes it an ideal material for making lamps and chandelier.

Satin Glass (Privacy glass): Satin glass has satin finish as the name suggests. It is chemically treated to give the desired finish on the surface. It is a good material for decorative purposes. It can also be used as a partition wall in retail spaces or hotels where one requires privacy as it blurs the view.

Get away from the confines of wood and concrete and open your space up with beautiful glass designs. You can have any of these functional, yet decorative glass structures installed with Cornwall Glass, your glass experts.