How to Keep Your Glass Clean During The Winter


Winter has arrived and the blizzards are following closely behind. Though washing your panes in the snow can be a pain, some messes can’t wait until spring.

Keeping your windows clean and streak-free is simple. Here’s our step-by-step guide:

Choose your cleaner wisely

Certain cleaning solutions freeze quickly when exposed to extreme temperatures. This could make it difficult to thoroughly clean your windows. Combat this by filling a spray bottle with two parts cleaner to one part water.

Quick and steady

The best way to get those panes looking crystal clear is to work one window at a time. Evenly spray the glass with the cleaning solution so that it is lightly covered but not dripping.

Starting from the top, drag the squeegee down the entire pane. Next, work from left to right. Wipe off any excess cleaner from the squeegee with a towel after each pass.

Finishing touches

Finally, to prevent streaks, wipe the window with a paper towel until completely dry. Make sure to wipe the corners!

For more tips and tricks from the glass experts, visit our site or give us a call at (613)-932-6703. Having pristine glass is achievable with regular maintenance. Don’t let the weather discourage you from having the cleanest windows in your area!

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