How to child proof windows and glass


Did you know accidental household injuries are one of the leading causes of child injury in North America? It is nearly impossible to eliminate every potential risk within the house,but parents can still take some precautions to keep their children safe. 

Many people overlook this aspect, but windows can be extremely dangerous for adventurous littles ones. Here are a few things to consider about your home windows— that will drastically increase the safety of your home and keep your children safe.

Update and Repair Old Windows

A great first step to creating a safer home for your children is replacing old windows. As windows and their surrounding components such as the frame and locking mechanism get older they start to degrade. Wooden frames can begin to rot out, locks and latches can become worn and ineffective.

These all pose serious concerns for children’s safety, if you can not lock a window securely— the potential of a child opening the window and getting through increases. Rotten frames have a possibility of being pushed through or leading to broken glass if leaned against. A child who doesn’t know better is likely to press against this window and seriously hurt themselves. 

Getting your old windows will greatly protect your family— and will also increase the efficiency of your windows, ultimately leading to better savings and more money in your pocket.

Double-Pain Glass

Depending on the age of your home, it would not be unlikely that your windows are single pain rather than double pain. Since single pain windows tend to be older, a lot of them have the issues stated above. Their wear and use from over time make them more of a hazard for children.

Upgrading to double pain will provide newer, better insulated windows and would be much safer for any echildren in the home.

Mesh Window Guards 

Adding mesh window guards to your windows provides an inconspicuous guard unlike metal bars across the outside of your windows. These taunt mesh screens can be added at any height on the window and will blend right into pre-existing window screens. These guards will not only prevent children from falling through windows accidentally, they will also prevent toys and other objects from falling through the window and children going after them. 

They tend to be a very cheap option that takes little effort to install. This simple addition to your windows can very easily save your child’s life.

Window Alarms 

We tend to put alarm systems on our doors and windows to keep people out— but have you ever thought of installing them to keep people in? A great use of an alarm system for doors and windows is to alarm unexpecting parents that windows have been opened. This little warning can be great if you have toddlers who have learned how to open windows. You will know the minute a window has been opened and relieves the stress of having to keep an eagle eye on adventurous children. 

Child Proofing Blinds

Did you know cords from blinds and window coverings pose a major risk for children in the home? These cords and window hangings can lead to strangulation and even death if a child is playing with them. Ensuring your coverings are securely anchored to the wall is one easy step to ensuring your child’s safety.

Another step for extra protection is getting cordless blinds, completely eliminating the chance of strangulation. Ones that have a pull down mechanism are great, or motorized blinds that can be controlled with an app or smart phone are a great option. 


Your children’s safety is probably one of the most important things to you. You take all the proper precautions to keep them protected but like most people you probably look past the safety of your windows for your children. By taking these few simple precautions into account you will keep your children safe and secure. 

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