Prepare Your Glass Windows and Doors for Winter


Unfortunately in Canada, that dreadful feeling of winter closing in is unavoidable. A lot goes into preparing for these cooler seasons. Keeping cold air from seeping inside is all about insulation, which will depend on the condition and quality of your glass windows and doors. Today’s dual-paned windows are more efficient at retaining heat and air conditioning as older single-paned windows. Greater efficiency means greater energy savings.

Lucky for you, Cornwall Glass is here to help you prepare your glass windows and doors for the cooler seasons that are fast approaching.

Glass Windows and Doors Checklist

  1. Check all of the weatherstripping around your windows and door frames for leaks to prevent heat from escaping your home.
  2. Inspect all of your glass windows and doors for cracks, broken glass, or gaps, etc. Be sure to give Cornwall Glass a call to repair or replace them for you if needed. It will save you money in the long run!
  3. Check the state and age of your current glass windows and doors. Ask a professional for their opinion as you may want to consider replacing your windows and doors to stop the cold air from getting through.

Cornwall Glass is more than happy to take on and handle any and all of the damages to your glass windows and doors as we approach winter. Just because your glass windows and doors are drafty and broken, it doesn’t mean you have to replace them altogether. We make sure to examine the damage in a careful and professional manner so we can advise you of the best possible options to take. We want to make sure you receive the professional help you may need to prevent cool air from getting into your home this season.

Now, bring on the cooler temperatures!