Glass Types and Their Applications


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Glass has many different uses and applications. From the more typical windows and glass doors to more customized projects like glass flooring and the like, the sky seems to be the limit for when and where glass can be used. The important thing to know however is what type of glass to use to suit each particular need.

Here are a few of the most common glass types and how they are typically used:

‘Soda-lime Silica Glasses

Open a refrigerator and take a look at the containers and jars within, most likely they are made with soda-lime silica glass. This family of glasses encompasses many of the glass compositions used to create food and beverage containers, decorative tableware and accessories, and windows. Soda-lime silica glass compositions account for nearly 90% of the glass manufactured in the world.

Borosilicate Glasses

In harsh, demanding applications, borosilicate glasses are commonly used for their superior durability. They have good thermal shock resistance and can withstand extreme thermal cycling with minimal effect. For instance, Pyrex, a commercial borosilicate composition created by Corning, Inc., is commonly used for baking at home or performing experiments in the lab. It can go from cooking in the oven to air cooling on the counter without damage. This is due to the low coefficient of thermal expansion which allows the glass to develop fewer internal stresses during the heating and cooling processes that cause cracking or breaking.

Phosphate Glasses

Phosphate glasses are mainly composed of the network former P2O5 where the previously mentioned glasses use SiO2 or B2O3 as the primary glass network formers. These glasses feature a high resistance to hydrofluoric acid, but otherwise they have a relatively low resistance to chemical corrosion. The compositions can be made more resistant to the chemicals and the environment by engineering the composition for the specific applications.’

In order to know the best type of glass to use for your particular project make sure to contact Cornwall Glass, your Cornwall glass specialist.

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