Glass is Saving the World



In this day and age it so important to take care of the planet we live in, from recycling, energy conservation and using sustainable building materials for waste reduction. Glass is a fully organic, sustainable material that has the ability to be recycled in an endless loop, making it top choice for building an environmentally friendly construction project.

You know that saying, that everything tastes better in a bottle? We have glass to thank for that. Along other benefits of building with glass, there are facts that lead to glass being better for your well-being. Glass preserves vitamins and taste, making it the most idealistic packaging material for food, drink and pharmaceuticals.

When it comes to building, the saying goes, the greener the better. Using glass as a building material is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is known to conserve energy through insulating windows and saving on natural recourses. Glass has an extremely high recycling rate compared to other building materials, which ultimately preserves more natural resources.

When doing your next building project, reach out to Cornwall Glass, your glass experts, to help you build an environmentally-friendly structure.