Glass Options For Your Office


Enclosing your office with glass not only creates a more professional look and feel for your space, but it can help keep out out unwanted noise; both are important factors that we take into consideration when helping you choose the right glass for your project.


Here are some great glas options to consider for your office:

1. Smart / Switchable Glass: is glass whose light transmission properties are changed when voltage, light or heat is applied.
2. Laminated: keeps its shape when shattered for security and safety reasons.
3. Architectural: is commonly used as a material for buildings.
4. Frosted/Sandblasted: is glass with a frosted appearance. The process to create the frosted look is by the sandblasting or acid etching of clear sheet glass. This creates a rough surface on one side of the glass, so the light that goes through gets scattered, blurring the images, while still transmitting light.
5. Patterned: Pattern glass is either “rolled” or “etched” glass. Rolled glass has the pattern built right into the glass during the manufacturing process.
6. Tinted: is a glass with a darker tint. These are great for keeping the bright sunlight out, which can sometimes make it hard to work and see at the office.
7. V-Grooved:  glass that has a groove or many grooves design.

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