Glass Measurement Smartphone App



When it comes to something as unique as glass is, the handling, manipulation and maintenance of it and products predominantly composed of it, should be left to the glass professionals. However, this doesn’t mean that the average consumer that may lack the elevated level of glass knowledge as said professional, can’t be a part of the process as well.

If you currently have glass/large custom glass projects to be completed or repaired/upgraded then this particular app may be just what you need (watch a video of it in action here). “In 2015, AGC Glass Europe created a new tool for measuring the thickness of installed glazing with a smartphone, using a special App. This same App now features a new function called ‘Coating detection’. This detects the presence of a coating on the panes of a glazed unit, whether it is double or triple-glazed. This function uses the backlight of a smartphone to project an image onto the glass. If one of the reflections of this image on the glazing is a different colour, this shows that the glazing has one or more coatings. Until now, in order to measure the thickness of a pane of glass whose edges were concealed within a frame, one had to either gauge it with a plastic measuring card or use a professional measuring device.”

Make sure that you always consult with a glass expert before you do anything glass related on your own. Your best bet is to leave all of the heavy lifting to the professionals for the sake of safety and efficiency. Let Cornwall Glass, Cornwall’s glass specialists help you meet all of your home and commercial specialty glass needs.

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