Glass Inspection for Improved Safety


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Regardless of the industry or products/services that are being provided to consumers, the best practices which promote effective and better health and safety is always appreciated. In the glass industry this is important even more so because the creation, handling, installation and use of glass products can carry certain risks. However, when proper techniques are implemented from the start and throughout, all risks are controlled and minimized.

A new system that is designed to thoroughly inspect tempered glass will help to ensure greater safety as well. “FROG (Fragment Recognizer On Glass) is a new system with a user friendly interface for automatic visual inspection of glass products. FROG can automatically recognize, count, analyze and classify glass fragments following a glass product break. In addition, it can store the images and the results processed to generate customized reports. The main component of the FROG system is the inspection unit, connected to a PC and to the electrical cabinet: the user can move the system to the desired position and select the analysis functionality in the graphic user interface. At the end of the analysis, the system releases a report on the test results, including the image of the glass as acquired by the camera, the number of fragments identified and the size of the biggest fragments.”

Improved processes during the creation process not only ensures safety for those making the product, but for the consumer who will enjoy it once completed. The better made the glass product is, the better the overall integrity of it will be and the longer it will last.