Glass Appreciation


Normally when people think of glass things like windows or something to drink out of usually are first to come to mind..or in some cases, they get flashbacks to when they were children and were accompanying their parents into stores full of fragile glass items and told not to touch anything!

Glass is quite versatile, which explains why there are museums dedicated to it and showcasing just how beautiful it can be when interpreted and expressed in an artful way. Glass artist David Huchthausen is someone within the glass art world who is quite revered and respected. “The glass art of David Huchthausen is a 360-degree experience. If you look at it from only one angle, you aren’t really seeing it — just as you can’t see the inner workings of a glass marble unless you turn it in your hand. Huchthausen truly became Huchthausen, however, when he began working with cut, laminated and optically polished glass. His two “Leitungs Scherben” pieces, from the 1980s, are his first step in that direction. The way they’re lit is as important as the shape they take. Projected light, penetrating their intricate “architectural-glass” structures, casts luminous geometric images on their pedestals that are as enchanting as the pieces themselves. By the 1990s, Huchthausen was playing with glass-within-glass. Clear laminated or raggedly fractured blocks of glass contained colorful shards and shapes within. Huchthausen is an avid collector as well as an artist, and “Art Deco: Glass from the Huchthausen Collection” is the marquee attraction at the Museum of Glass.”

Be inspired by glass artists such as Huchthausen and let Cornwall Glass help you craft your own unique custom glass project for your home/business!

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