Frame your view in 2022


Did you know that the average lifespan of a window is 15-30 years? Factors that influence this are the quality of work, the materials used, as well as the weather conditions of where you live. This timeline often aligns with new design trends in the market, so if it’s nearing the time for you to replace your windows, or perhaps you’re contemplating a home renovation, consider the following window trends to give you that new home feel—one that will have the neighbours gawking at yours through their own!

Window Arches

The Romans can be credited for this beautiful architectural design dating back as far as 700 BCE. They have been a prominent part of architecture throughout history, but are now typically used to enhance the interior design of a home, rather than structural uses. Curved doorways are becoming increasingly popular, but we believe the real show-stopper is a front or rear arch window feature. This neo-classical design adds simple yet unique character to any home.

Oversized Windows

Large windows often get a lot of resistance for being less energy efficient than most. But contrary to popular belief, with the right materials, mindful installation, and window location, these windows can open up your space to more natural light without increasing your energy consumption. Oversized windows are a beautiful element of design, which can also provide an opportunity for health benefits. By allowing more indoor exposure to vitamin D, you can improve your mood, eye health, and increase productivity.

Backsplash Windows

We often resort to tile when designing the backsplash of a kitchen–but why not open that space up to natural light and a gorgeous view? The narrow backsplash window is a trend we’re seeing a lot of this year, allowing the space above the sink and countertop to be a unique and aesthetic element to your home. You can add an indoor-outdoor element by adding sliding windows, giving you access to fresh air and accessibility to the outdoors.