Five Ways Mirrors Can Be Used In Interior Design


Mirrors are a pretty common feature in people’s main foyes and bathrooms, they help make sure we look our best when we hop out of the shower or when we are heading out the door. 

Designers and homeowners have begun to use mirrors throughout the rest of the home. It’s not uncommon to see mirrors being used in kitchens, living rooms, and other large spaces. The majority of the time this addition has a great effect on the space. 

Here are five ways using mirrors in interior design can drastically increase the appearance and appeal of a room. 

Create Space

Using a mirror’s reflective qualities to their advantage can give any room the illusion of more space and depth. They can also make small rooms look large. A guideline when selecting a mirror for a room, is the bigger the mirror, the larger the room will look and feel. A little interior designer trick that is frequently used is placing mirrors on walls opposite to a window to maximize the effect. If the space is really small, using a frameless mirror may be a better option, as it will make the area feel less cluttered.

Illuminate a room

Is there a room in your home that stays particularly dark? Maybe it has a north facing window and doesn’t get as much light as you’d like. A great way to bring some light into the room is by adding a mirror to brighten things up. If you place a mirror near a window, outdoor light will be reflected into the room. Some great spaces to use a mirror to cheer up a space would be a dark basement, rooms with low ceilings or walk-in closets.

Hide Imperfections

Have a spot on the wall with chipped paint or maybe some ugly wallpaper? A quick easy fix is covering it with a mirror. Find one large enough in a frame you like and cover it up for the time being or until you have the funds to completely repair the spot. 

Stylize a room

Mirrors are one of the most versatile accent pieces out there. They work well in anyroom, so don’t be afraid to add a mirror to the walls of your living room or your hallway. The colour of the room doesn’t matter and they can be made to be more modern or rustic. Simply make or purchase a frame that matches the interior aesthetic of the room in which you are styling and it will drastically accentuate the room.


The majority of glass stores offer custom mirror design. Which is great for accentuating a room. Maybe star shaped mirrors in the kids play room, or a cluster of circular mirrors in the bathroom to look like bubbles. The possibilities to customize a room with funky mirrors is almost endless, they will add some fun character to the most boring rooms.

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