Employees and their need for Natural Light


Plants need natural light to survive and flourish. This fact has been engraved in the minds adults since they were kids. However, these adults often forget that like our green friends, they too need natural light to survive and flourish; especially in a work environment.

Benefits for Your Employees

There are many ways natural light is beneficial to your employees. By having natural light in their work place, your employees will get more and better sleep. Better sleep leads to healthier employees who will have less headaches, less eye strain and less blurred vision. Also, exposure to Vitamin D leads to happier employees as Vitamin D can fight off depression, diabetes and chronic pain. Your employees will also feel more engaged and be able to focus better, benefiting you as well. 

Benefits for You the Employer

Having happier and healthier employees will boost their productivity, resulting in an increase in revenue. Although it goes with out saying, naturally lit office space will result in a drop in utility costs. Also, if you’re planning on selling or renting out your office space, naturally lit spaces have been known to increase the value of a space.