Bathroom with a View



Custom glass projects have long been special, unique and when completed are usually pretty breathtaking. Amazing things are being done with glass and boundaries are constantly being pushed, however sometimes this can prove to be a point of contention.

A bathroom (especially a public one) should offer privacy and a sense of security, right? Under normal circumstances yes, but there is one in particular that is leaving some people a little flushed. “These toilets, which opened last week at Shiyanhu Ecologic Park in southern Hunan province, boast incredible views of the surrounding forest. Why are these views so great? Because the entire thing is made out of glass. And by entire thing, we mean pretty much the entire thing: The doors between stalls, the floor and the ceiling were all designed to maximize views of the scenic park. ‘We wanted to make it something unique … exciting and adventurous,’ a park employee told the South China Morning Post. China has had a fascination with glass structures as of late, especially in the Hunan province. The mountainous region is home to a skywalk that wraps around the edge of a cliff and the longest glass bridge in the world.”

Creativity will continue to help people and places push the limits on design further and further. In order to create your own piece of unique design history make sure to contact Cornwall Glass for all of your custom glass projects.

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