Awnings against the cold


In Cornwall and Eastern Ontario, there is an average of 52 days of snow per year, making for a lot of wet coats and frizzled hair do’s. According to John Snow, winter is coming, and he could not be more correct. But John Snow does not have a glass awning in front of Winterfell to protect his enemies from hard rain and snow.

A new look

Glass awnings are the newest modern twist to the architectural industry. They not only protect your customers and employees from weather, but also add depth to the facade of your building. Awnings introduce a sense of grandeur to any building, increasing its style and boldness.

Stylish and functional

Another great way they can help your business while also making it look better, starts with window awnings. Here’s a scenario; a pedestrian is walking along in front of your window display, but it is raining. They don’t stop walking because they don’t want to get wet, ultimately preventing them from seeing all of the amazing things in your window display. Enter your beautiful new glass awning. Suddenly the pedestrian stops to admire that shiny new product underneath your awning and they enter your store.

Say goodbye to wet coats, squeaky wet shoes, and soaked customers. Introduce a glass or aluminum awning to your business and watch the sun shine on your business.

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Glass Awnings