6 Tips to Choose The Right Commercial Glass


If you’re considering commercial glass for your business or storefront, you might be wondering where to begin. There are several things to consider when it comes to choosing the right commercial glass for your needs. Of course, where and how you plan to use the commercial glass will impact your decision.

Plenty of companies use commercial glass to create eye-catching storefronts that draw in customers. It can also be used to enclose an office in glass for a sleek, elegant look. Replacing drab cubicles with frameless glass partitions can give your office a sense of openness, while maintaining a level of privacy.

Commercial glass allows in plenty of natural light, which can boost morale in the workplace. Employees will be more motivated to work and customers will be in good spirits. 

Let’s not forget the economical benefits of choosing the right commercial glass. Many  commercial glasses regulate temperature and reduce electricity expenses.

With all the advantages of commercial glass, it’s no wonder that you would want to integrate it into your workplace designs. However, there are some important things to keep in mind when choosing commercial glass for your business. 


Here are six tips to help you select the right commercial glass for your office or storefront.


Thermal performance 

As you may have already noticed when stepping into a hot car, glass can heat up and make a space feel like a sauna. That’s why it’s important to consider thermal performance when choosing commercial glass. 

After all, you don’t want to be paying huge electricity bills to heat and cool your business. You also don’t want your workers and customers to be be shivering or sweating. The right type of commercial glass will help regulate temperatures, while allowing in plenty of natural, mood-boosting light.



The more clear your commercial glass, the more natural light it will allow in. However, light isn’t the only consideration when choosing commercial glass for your business. You may have a certain style in mind. The colour, tint, and clarity of your commercial glass will influence the ambiance it creates. Clearer commercial glass will reduce privacy, which brings us to our next point.



Privacy is an important consideration when choosing commercial glass for your business. Clear glass storefronts may be great for displaying products, but they’re probably not ideal for spaces that require privacy, such as spas and dental offices.

Likewise, your privacy needs will determine how you use commercial glass dividers and enclosures in your office. Keep in mind that using tinted or frosted glass will help increase privacy, while still allowing in some natural light. You might also opt to only use commercial glass in specific areas that don’t need as much privacy.



Is your business located on a noisy street? The right commercial glass will help reduce external noise. For example, double glazed windows will help block out sounds from outside. 

You may also need to consider sound transmission within your workspace. Recording studios and meeting rooms are spaces that would benefit from soundproof glass. Laminated glass, which we’ll discuss later, is the ideal choice for soundproofing.



It’s important to know that the commercial glass you choose can stand the test of time. That’s why you’ll want to consider the glass’s level of use. 

Will it be placed in a high traffic area, such as the storefront of a busy business? If so, your commercial glass will need to be durable enough to withstand high traffic.



When it comes to choosing commercial glass, safety is imperative. Certain types of glass are made to be strong and shatter resistant for maximum safety. There are two main types of safety glass to consider.


Laminated glass

Laminated glass has internal or external laminate that holds it together and prevents it from shattering. Internal laminate is what keeps vehicle windshields strong and safe. 

One of the safety features of laminated glass is that it doesn’t break into sharp pieces. Instead, it makes a spiderweb pattern when broken. Laminated glass can be clear, tinted, reflective, or tempered.


Tempered glass

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that is strengthened through chemical or thermal treatment. Also known as toughened glass, it is used in passenger vehicle windows, mobile phone protectors, and shower doors. 

A key safety feature of tempered glass is that it breaks into small cubes, rather than sharp shards. It’s also thermal resistant, which makes it an ideal option for commercial glass that is in direct contact with the outdoors.


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