Glass Fences & Railings


Glass fences and railings feature tempered glass and high quality fasteners or frames to create an extremely attractive, long-lasting, and highly durable barrier. Tempered architectural glass is so effective at blocking winds and dampening sound that glass fences are frequently referred to as wind walls or sound walls in the industry. Glass fences and railings can be used around pools, backyards, decks, balconies, terraces, staircases, and other areas where one wants to maximize an incredible view or maintain the appearance of open space. That’s why they are often seen in malls, executive office buildings, and luxury homes and apartments.

Our glass professionals have the ability to fully customize your glass fence or railing to meet your specific needs and fit your budget. We can fabricate gorgeous aluminum or stainless steel posts or frames, or use frameless, freestanding systems for completely unobstructed views. We also offer countless glass options to choose from, including clear, frosted/obscured, patterned, textured, insulated, double-insulated, straight, radius, curved, and more.

We can design an exquisite glass handrail or fence for nearly any space. We provide free onsite consultations and estimates.